The sugar lesson

The sugar lesson

The sugar lesson is the first thing we need to learn. It’s surprising simple to cook and surprising simple to learn. This is a surprisingly simple way to figure out what works,
I get surprised a lot.

Step One
We need one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of cocoa powder.
We also need fingers some water, and towels.
A mouth is very helpful when cooking and more so when eating.
Taste the sugar by itself. Dip your finger in it if you washed your hands.
It’s sweet but only sweet and you wouldn’t want very much of it by itself.
Now do the same with the cocoa powder, weird huh?
Cocoa by itself tastes a little like chocolate and a little creamy but not quite right.
This is the first lesson of cooking.
Ingredients need to be mixed and mixed in proportions.
Mix the two together. Now taste. It’s good stuff.
This is the cocoa flavor we all know and love and we made it.

Step Two,
Now that we understand that ingredients need to be mixed is to make some hot cocoa to celebrate. For this we need two tablespoons of cocoa powder, two tablespoons of sugar, a dash of salt (it goes with that whole mixing of ingredients thing,) a splash of vanilla, a cup of hot milk and a spoon.
By this time you probably realize that you’re going to need a mug of some type or a hot drinky holder thing.
First mix the dry stuff together, the cocoa powder, sugar, and salt. Then mix the vanilla into the cup of milk. Be careful hot milk is HOT.
Now mix the dry stuff into the wet stuff stirring the whole time to make sure it blends together smoothly.

Now toast to yourself and enjoy your first cup of homemade hot cocoa!

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