Thingks – Things that make us think
“If a thing makes you think shouldn’t it be a thingk?”
Kitchen tools will soon be here.
Meals have different names
Some are because of time others size, and some are a combination of two othersThe difference between dinner and supper can be the start of discussion at the brunch table.

Supper is the last meal of the day.
Dinner is the largest.
Sunday or Thanksgiving dinner for example is usually served in the early afternoon.
If you eat a dozen waffles and two eggs for breakfast, two sardines with a milkshake for lunch, and split pea soup and a banana split for supper, breakfast would be your dinner.

Breakfast morning meal
Lunch mid day meal
Supper last meal of the day
Dinner largest meal of the day

Brunch a last morning early afternoon comination of lunch and breakfast
Brelupper ahaving eggs and bacon or cereal as your last meal of the day. Sometimes referred to as blinner, dinfast.
Supunch is not included in this section for obvious reasons.

Our parents have to let us eat if we cook them. Our parents might make us eat it if we cook them
What all those forks and knives are doing on the table, and other things that come to mind.

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